Winter is one of those seasons where a furnace becomes one of the essential items in every home, and its heat will keep the house warm and avoid health problems related to cold in the entire family. Furnace repair is critical before the winter period strikes and as such one should have preventive measures at hand for a perfect transition when the temperatures drop, and experience comfort.

Right now is the best time to repair and ensure it’s in good working condition and some of the proactive measures include:

Cleaning and replacing of any worn out parts.

  1. Confirm that the air ducts are dusted well to prevent clogging of the dust, and this will prolong the lifespan of the furnace.
  2. Make sure that the vents have also be dusted to avoid any dust from clogging. When carrying out the furnace repair, install a wire mesh, and this will add up as a preventive measure against dust.
  3. Change the air filter- Depending on the size of your home, the air filter needs to be changed at least once annually. When it’s clean and new, it will work effectively and reduce strain when heating the house.
  4. Oil the blower- An effective blower will improve the performance of the furnace. After cleaning, oil it as this will reduce the unfavorable noise that it may make if it is left out dry.


A functional thermostat will assist in managing the right temperatures and when carrying out the furnace repairs, it’s important to replace it because, at times, one can blame the furnace while in the real sense the entire problem is lying on the thermostat. Frequent replacements will help one monitor the energy consumption and set the temperatures as required. To confirm that the thermostat is working, troubleshoot it by changing temperature from low to high and assure efficiency.  If any problem is identified, replace immediately.

Sufficient Gas or power

Depending on the type of furnace being used, the source of power may be gas or electrical.

  1. Confirm that the safety valves are functional and if any are causing a leak, consider replacing it.
  2. Allow specialists to inspect the gases which are hazardous.

We’re here to help

Furnace repair and maintenance will extend the lifespan of the furnace and most importantly, allow it to been done by a professional. When approaching winter, be consistent in ensuring that the furnace is well maintained to avoid high repair costs and a possible replacement of the entire component.

If you are interested in having your system checked, have one of our technicians come out and take a look today!