Throughout the year, your furnace and air conditioning unit has to work on a consistent basis to maintain a  comfortable temperature in your home. Creating an environment where your system can not only provide these comforts but in the most efficient way possible can save you a lot of money. Over the course of the year you can reduce energy costs and save on your utility bill if you follow these tips listed below:

  • Have a programmable thermostat
    When you keep on changing the temperature on the thermostat, more energy is used and as a result, costs rise. An automatic thermostat helps in managing the temperatures automatically, aiding in energy relief and cost savings.
  • Keep up on filter replacement
    Air filters need to be changed every two or three months, depending on the filter size and type, to ensure that they are clean and reduce pressure buildup from a clogged up filter.
  • Do not allow natural heat to enter your home
    When it is summer seasons, it’s advisable to close the curtains to block the sun rays from entering the house. It is also helpful to close the doors going outside behind you, and close vents and doors for rooms in your home that are not being used. This will bring a cooling effect, and the air conditioner will not run as much.
  • Place the thermostat on the right wall
    When working on the installations for your HVAC system, do not place the thermostat in an area that it will detect too much hot/cold. It will start cooling or heating the house even when it is not necessary. It’s advisable that you choose the right position to install depending on how the house is built.
  • House insulation
    Make sure that the house is airtight to help lower the HVAC bills, reducing the amount of outside air getting into your home. This can be done by a variety of methods. These can include getting your windows sealed/replaced, proper insulation installed into walls, pipes and other utilities running from inside to outside being sealed, and more.

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