Ductless Air Conditioning

Save Big – Go Ductless!

Considering a New Air Conditioning System? Consider Going Ductless!

There are many reasons for switching to a ductless air conditioner, also known as a mini-split air conditioning systems. From the cost-effectiveness to the desire to live comfortably in a room you occupy the most, here are some of the benefits of getting a ductless air conditioning unit for your home.

Why You Should Consider Going Ductless

Is ductless air conditioning right for you? Here are reasons to get it installed in your home:

1. Energy efficient and cost-effective.

You don’t always occupy every room of your home. Why waste money and energy heating and cooling empty rooms? When you turn on your faucet or light switch not all faucets and light come on in your home at the same time.

2. Your home doesn’t have central HVAC.

If your residence lacks a central heating and cooling system – if you have a boiler, this is most likely the case – you don’t have to shell out to get one installed. Ductless equipment installs simply and is very affordable.

3. You want easy-to-use technology.

Featuring built-in weather monitoring on certain models, ductless systems are as adjustable and programmable as a traditional thermostat system.

4. You can install your ductless air conditioner anywhere.

High on the wall or the ceiling and control the system by remote control. No more aesthetically unappealing window air conditioner.

5. Quick installation in your home.

Our technicians are able to install your new ductless air conditioning system in just one day.

When Problems Do Arise

Ductless air conditioning systems are easy to maintain. As with any appliance, problems can happen from time to time. Our trained technicians are available 24/7 to help if your ductless ac unit is having any problems. It is also recommended that your ductless air conditioning system is checked annually to keep it in perfect running condition.

What Are You Waiting For?

A ductless air conditioner is perfect for any size residential or commercial property. One of our trained technicians will evaluate your house and determine if a ductless air conditioning system is best for your current situation.


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