Enjoy fresh water filtration at your Broome County, NY home

Would you like pure, refreshing water from every tap in your home? With the Krystal Klear Total Water System from Cline’s Universal Well Pumps, that dream can become a reality!

As the industry standard for chemical, chlorine and VOC removal, this innovative system:

  • Eliminates chlorine and heavy metals from your water supply
  • Acts as a bacteriostat, preventing biological contamination
  • Offers coconut shell-activated carbon filtration
  • Uses quartz to transport sediment and maintain water flow
  • Adds no salt or chemicals
  • Retains healthy minerals
  • Won’t affect septic tank operation
  • Produces no harmful discharge
  • Doesn’t make water acidic
  • Doesn’t use magnetic’s
  • Doesn’t require filter replacement
  • Doesn’t require maintenance or repairs

Call us at (607) 669-4182 to schedule your free municipal water test. Let us show you the difference that great-tasting water can make in your life!

You can count on us

Cline’s Universal Well Pumps is a branch of John Piccirilli, Inc. Our Broome County, New York company has been a trusted HVAC and plumbing service since 2002. We’re also certified well pump installers. We’re proud to offer:

  • Installation, replacement and repair services
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