The city of Binghamton is a great city located in the southern part of New York, bordering PA. There is so much to do here including the Binghamton Zoo, Parks, Museums and more. With all there is to do, sometimes we have the best time at home relaxing with our loved ones. One Hour Heating can make sure your leisurely time at home is spent comfortably through our HVAC services. With the seasons come their challenges, and we are here to ensure your home is always comfortable year round.


What help can we offer?

Being experienced and certified in everything HVAC related, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning will provide the services you need. Our technicians are available to provide the support you need for repairs and installations. Here are the services we offered and how we help.

  • Air Conditioning Services:
    When it is summer, it can be hard to live without air conditioning. We have trained technicians who can service your old air conditioning unit to ensure it is running efficiently, or install a new one. We also specialize in repairing thermostats to ensure that your AC is fully functional.
  • Heating:
    One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning provides heating solutions which include installation of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and more. As you prepare for winter, we can also service your existing furnace and ensure efficiency and consistent warmth throughout the winter months.
  • Ductless Air Conditioning: 
    We service and install ductless air conditioning units in home and offices. These units are very versatile, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of going ductless, read more about them here.
  • Indoor air quality:
    Living healthy is paramount, and indoor air quality can be a huge factor in personal health. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning can check for any emissions of unclean air and provide options for filtered, clean air. This will ensure that you can breath easy at home all the time.


Membership Program

If you would like to ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently rear round, and avoid future problems look into our state of the art membership program. Proactively maintaining your system can help you avoid future repair costs, keep your utility bill down, and give you a reliable system throughout every season.


Great customer service experience.

One hour Heating & Conditioning is part of John Piccirilli, Inc. and have earned a reputation for offering efficient and reliable services on any HVAC system. Be free to contact us from our Broome County Office anytime for support with any of your HVAC needs.